Light your
home smarter

Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips UV-C
Air Disinfection Unit

Included in EPD's list of Air Cleaning Devices
and FEHD's list of air purifiers meeting specified specifications

Philips UV-C Disinfection
Upper Air

Prevent the spread of variant viruses
Reduce the risk of community transmission

4-log disinfection in minutes

360° coverage inactivates

Philips UV-C Chamber

Disinfect room in an effective and easy way

First UV-C Disinfection lamp validated by Boston University on its effectiveness in the inactivation of COVID-19 virus


Philips EasyKey

One step to lock or unlock

Philips Smart Clothes Drying Rack

Keep your clothes fully bathing in sunshine

The best way to read

Phillips EyeCare LED Desk Lamp


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